We believe that staying home to raise our children is a fulfilling full-time job, but we also recognize the importance of making connections and friendships with other mothers who share our interests and concerns. The MOMS Club provides many opportunities to make these connections by offering enriching activities for you and your children during the day when you most need the support

Monthly Activities

A monthly calendar provides moms and kids activity options each week, with special family activities planned throughout the year. 

Monthly Business Meetings

We frequently feature guest speakers who address issues such as child development and safety, parenting, living on a budget. All members are encouraged to attend so they can vote on or discuss any MOMS Club business. We hold our meeting on the first Tuesday of every month.

Moms Night Out

One night each month we moms get together for a little break. One of our most popular events is going out to eat but we try to vary the activity with a mind for staying within our members' budget.


A MOMS Club playgroup gives your child opportunities to interact with other children his/her age, while providing a great support group for you. Exchange ideas, insights, and advice for dealing with your infant, toddler or preschooler and make some friends who really understand what life is like for you as an at-home mother.  If you are interested in joining or starting a playgroup, please contact our Playgroup Coordinator

Sunshine Committee

The Sunshine Committee provides meals to our members when they need them due to childbirth or other reasons such as surgery or illness.

Service Projects

We give back to our community by performing service projects each year. We tend to focus our efforts on women and children. In the past we have donated money and items to the MOMS Club Mother to Mother Fund, The Red Cross, The Mount Juliet Help Center and local Moms in need.

Other Activities

We have several other activities for our members to participate in such as;  book club and scrapbooking that both meet each month. Other clubs that are beginning to form are a walking club and sewing club. Have other ideas, let us know!